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How do Automower® Robotic Lawn Mowers work?

Automower® mows your lawn a little every day, while staying inside the boundary wires and avoiding any obstacles. The small, fine grass clippings are recycled into the turf as a natural fertilizer creating a healthier, better-looking lawn. Then, when it’s done for the day, the mower automatically returns to its charging station to get ready for the next mow.

How It Works

A boundary wire is placed or buried around the edge of your lawn and any obstacles Automower® should avoid. This wire is fully customizable so the mower reaches only what it’s supposed to and leaves the rest.

Three uniquely designed blades quietly and safely cut the grass without damaging property or foreign objects.

Automower® cuts a little grass at a time, staying ahead of growth and fertilizing the lawn naturally with the tiny clippings. The irregular mowing pattern will give your lawn a carpet-like appearance, cutting the grass from all different directions.

If Automower® encounters an object, it will stop, reverse and go in another direction. When lifted, the blades automatically and immediately shut off.

When it’s time to recharge, Automower® will navigate to the charging station automatically, either via signal or by following the wires.

A guide wire helps Automower® navigate back to the charging station when the mower is in a remote corner of the lawn.

Select Automower® models also use GPS to help navigate your lawn and boost efficiency. 

Robotic lawn mowers

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