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The first and only dielectric pole saw

Raising the bar for safety, storage and performance, the MADSAW™ is individually tested to meet OSHA standard 1910.269.

In the bucket, in the tree, on the ground

The inefficient days of hydraulic pole saws and manual pole pruners are over. The Husqvarna MADSAW™ (MAD = Minimum Approach Distances) dielectric pole saw offers revolutionary versatility in a variety of professional settings. Select either the powerful 525iDEPS battery-powered model, which gives operators instant startup without the emissions, or our gas-powered 525DEPS MADSAW. Whether you're a tree care professional or a trained utility worker, you can use the MADSAW™ in the bucket, in the tree, or on the ground.

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Automatic chain lubrication can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease the volume of Husqvarna's recommended dielectric bar and chain oil flowing to the cutting bar during operation.

12-in cutting bar features a X-Cut® chain (3/8-in, mini pitch, .050 gauge) to deliver the same robust performance as Husqvarna's professional tree care chainsaw models.

The custom-fit couplers connecting the pole saw's sections can be loosened or tightened down for quick and easy assembly and storage in the specially designed, durable carrying bag (included).

Made from dielectric lightweight fiberglass to meet OSHA 1910.269. Label verifies individual testing by third party. Can be easily attached to pole saw sections to form 9-ft or 12.5-ft configurations.

Rubber reach barrier is fixed tightly to pole saw for long-lasting effectiveness, but can adjusted and positioned according to the desired reach of the operator.

Harness hook easily attaches to harness strap worn by the operator to optimize comfort and reduce strain on the arms and shoulders during extended cutting tasks.

The pole saw's shaft seals and sealed bearings are designed for all-weather durability, preventing deterioration and ensuring a long and productive product life.

LowVib™ technology reduces fatigue and dampens vibrations with exclusive rubber isolation that prevents vibrations from going into the operator's arms.

Ergonomically designed throttle guard is positioned to both protect the operator’s hands during cutting tasks, as well as and prevent any unintended presses of the throttle.

The new 525i series powerhead delivers more performance (torque) than the 25cc gas equivalent, plus the added benefits of instant start and no gas emissions.

Delivers proven performance and reliability trusted by industry professionals. Features a powerful 25-cc, 2-stroke engine with tool-less air filter removal for on-the-go maintenance.

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